About me…

My name is Marcos Mauro and I was born in Buenos Aires August 9th, 1981. My mother is Italian and my father was American; I enjoy my mother’s company regularly and I miss my father’s presence every day of my life. I also have 2 older brothers, which contributed greatly in helping me become the person I am today.

I lived all of my life in the wonderful city of Buenos Aires –if you didn’t already, you should definitely visit-, and I met most of my friends there.

I’m dedicated full time to the love of my life Julieta & another passion: Digital Marketing. Part of my –already overbooked- time is spent on music; I have a rock band called Argumento 1. The very few remaining hours I have left are distributed among activities with friends, basketball, my XBOX360 system and my love of technology.

With a marketing professional background, I specialize in Interactive and Digital Marketing and currently have more than 6 years experience in that field. I have created digital marketing projects for great brands and worked on digital strategy, e-mail marketing y business development.

Today I work as an Outsourcing Business Developer @ e-volution and strongly believe in the rewards of hard work and professionalism.

In this blog you’ll find my particular views on different topics which I hope you’ll find appealing and worth sharing. Welcome to my blog and thank you for your visit!

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The only insurmountable obstacle a person can have is his own lack of imagination.

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30 01 2012
Deborah Del Prete

I saw your tweet about Diablo III and i thought you might enjoy this. Check it out. DIABLO 3

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