There’s a brand new blog coming up…

7 07 2011

Hey everybody! I know I used to write my blog posts in Spanish, but I figured I have a lot of friends that would enjoy my nonsense and didn’t understand that language.

So think about this as a new beginning: I will switch to English from now on and all of you will have a chance to understand my blog posts whenever they become available.

Since most of the very few, despicable individuals that used to follow my blog posts in the past understand English; I don’t believe that anyone will feel left out in the process.

So welcome to my new blog… This time it’ll be in English.

And this is how my fans reacted at the E3 when I premiered this same announcement.

And this is how my fans reacted at the E3 when I premiered this same announcement.

OK, just as a recap; this blog is about Music, Marketing, Technology & Videogames. That’s pretty much everything that I love, except for my beautiful and lovely Julieta –but think about it, it would kinda be a little sick-in-the-head to have a section called “Julieta”, right? No, seriously, she would definitely file a restraining order on me-.

Alright, so now that you know what this blog is about let’s talk about next steps.

In the next few weeks I will be translating sections and other texts, but none of the old posts will be rewritten in English. So if you feel like reading them, maybe this is a good time to go back those Spanish lessons you quitted sometime ago. 🙂

Also in the near future, I will release video posts about interesting topics. Those will be entirely -and only- in English for everyone to understand.

Oh, and if you feel sad about this change, and are craving for some Marcos’ style content in Spanish; I am very glad and honored to say that my blog posts will continue to be released in Terra AND in your language:

But be prepared, those posts will be extra interesting as they will be co-authored by a dear friend of mine: Mr. Juan Pablo Picasso.

Hope you enjoy this new era and please feel free to share your feelings and thoughts with the rest. I mean, leave a comment… You get it, right?

OK everybody, hope to “see you” soon! 😀

PS: don’t be an ass and share, will ya?



3 responses

12 07 2011
F. G. F.

I’m always glad to read you man, in English or Spanish it doesn’t matter.
I know the second chapter of your blog will be as good as the first one (or even better if that is possible)

Godspeed my friend

12 07 2011
Harry Potel

Pensé que lo bancabas a Obama, pero no, es él el que te banca a vos, un groso… mandale un saludo.

12 07 2011
Harry Potel

Go Marcus, kick them all in their asses… do it!

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